Savannah’s entire career has been centered around cultivating relationships, improving processes, and building financial independence. She has over a decade of experience working with Fortune 100 companies and their executive teams.

She is a pioneer who figured out a way to apply Agile principles and Scrum framework to both the Real Estate and Coaching industry. She is an innovator who harnessed her professional training as an Agile coach to improve processes through inspecting and adapting. Additionally, she streamlined the sales cycle and marketing cycle to adapt agility and increase the speed to market. This helps entrepreneurs build their business fast with more efficiency and better results. 

It was a natural decision for Savannah to become a transformation coach for financial independence because that has been a common denominator throughout her career. She uses this foundation to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses and amplify efficiency and exponential outcomes. Undoubtedly her service and leadership are very much needed today as people struggle to settle into the new normal after the crisis. Topics of passive income, financial independence are on everyone’s mind. Savannah refers to her journey when she works with her clients and leads them to have their own valuable insights.

Currently, Savannah is an active Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation, the gold standard in coach certification, with several global clients. She also prides herself on being trained as a Co-Active trained Professional Coach and Organizational Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). She uses her training from Brain-Based Conversation Skills (BBCS) to help people open up new neuro-pathways to achieve their true potentials. 

Her dedication to Lean/Agile principles and passion for self-improvement is evident in her many certifications and the extent of her training activity and ongoing involvement in the Agile, Scrum, and Coaching community. Savannah is a published author and holds more than a dozen industry certifications encompassing coaching, training, and facilitation.

As a member of several reputable coaching organizations like the International Coaching Federation, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, and Business Agility Institute she brings professional compliance and training to her Transformation Coaching Practice. Having coached and counseled thousands of executives and individuals at an array of companies, Savannah believes this extensive experience adds a valuable dimension to her coaching. Undoubtedly she references her own transformation both personal and professional. She has demonstrated a unique ability to achieve financial independence by implementing an agile mindset. Most of all she has compassion and offers support to her clients as they build and develop personal goals, business, careers, and lives.

If Savannah is not coaching or training at a client location, she can be found speaking at a conference or volunteering her time at one of the Agile or Scrum conferences throughout the year.