COACHING SERVICE: Financial Independence

The right financial independence coach can create the required environment for success to take place. Discovering financial independence is magical. Savannah uses her experience and expertise from her journey of achieving financial independence to help individuals amplify efficiency and exponential outcomes in their personal and professional life. Undoubtedly her service and leadership are very much needed today as people struggle to settle into the new normal after the crisis. Topics of passive income, financial independence are on everyone’s mind.

  • Ideas for passive income
  • Options for investments
  • Learn how to create a budget that actually works
  • Saving for retirement with an action-packed plan
  • Designing your financial independence strategy
  • Explore your own 3-legged investment plan
  • Early retirement blueprint
  • …and more

COACHING SERVICE: Career & Interview

The right career coach can help you further your career by establishing professional goals, making career decisions, and developing a career trajectory. Best of all you will have action items that you can immediately start executing. During each session, you can expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement, and inspiration.

For many, one main focus area of career coaching is centered around interview coaching. It involves helping you ace your interview and realize your full potential. Incorporating in Savannah’s years of experience and insights, she can provide you with a personalized plan and feedback to ensure you approach each interview with the utmost confidence. Savannah will build a plan that includes mock interviews, interview strategy, and even help you close out the deal.

  • Prepare for performance review
  • Prepare for interview
  • Find a new job
  • Grow in current role
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Improve networking skills
  • Create a healthier work-life balance
  • Explore future career options
  • Return to work after an absence
  • ..and more

COACHING SERVICE: Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

A professional leadership development coach focuses on different traits and characteristics that can help or hinder a person’s leadership effectiveness, and ability to follow through on the development of leadership abilities and attributes. Savannah can help you explore new leadership qualities, communication skills, and management practices that best fit your personalities and leadership style.

  • Management
  • Enhancing communication
  • Strategy
  • Cultural shifts
  • Tactics on navigating an organization’s politics and processes
  • Managing work and life priorities
  • Developing a strategy to grow your leadership presence
  • Accelerating momentum in your current role
  • …and more


A professional public speaking coach can help you improve any spoken communications. This can include things like creating a speech for any occasion or conferences, making a message strong and clear, developing a powerful speaking style, and overcoming a fear of public speaking. The focus will be on your specific development needs. Savannah is able to customize her approach based on your needs to ensure you achieve the best results. She has years of experience speaking at many regional and global conferences and has helped many clients achieve the same level of confidence and skills.

  • Improve verbal delivery
  • Improve body gestures
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Improve social awareness
  • Connect better with audience
  • Presentation strategy & design
  • Learn how to facilitate difficult conversations
  • Learn how to gain and hold the attention
  • Strategies around how to keep eye contact
  • Learn how to command the room
  • …and more